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Often times it's hard to understand why a particular repair is so costly without having an understanding as to just what's involved to complete the repair. The photos and descriptions below will help you understand the process involved when it comes to overhauling your transmission. As you'll see there are numerous parts involved that need to be disassembled, cleaned, inspected, and reassembled. At Sundown Transmissions, parts are carefully checked on dis-assembly, after cleaning, and once again on assembly. This triple check procedure drastically eliminates the possibility of a worn part being overlooked and insures a quality repair.



To start the overhaul process the transmission is placed in a bench mounted holding fixture. This allows the transmission to be rotated 360 degrees to facilitate tear down and assembly.


Next the transmission is completely disassembled and the parts are given a preliminary inspection before being loaded into a Better Engineering wash cabinet. The parts are placed into a rotating basket, the door is closed, and the machine is set for a 15 minute wash cycle. This process thoroughly cleans the parts with a high pressure soap and water solution while the parts basket rotates.


After the wash cycle is complete the parts are organized in assembly order on a clean assembly work bench. The parts are examined for a second time to catch any worn parts which may have been overlooked while the parts were dirty before the cleaning process.

Transmission Tear Down + Repair


After the hard parts are organized on the bench and inspected for assembly the overhaul kit parts are organized and placed on the bench for the assembly process.


As you can see, once the parts are cleaned they are spotless and look like new. This is one of the most important aspects of the overhaul process. If the parts aren't clean, worn parts can be overlooked, and trash can contaminate you rebuilt transmission. With transmissions dirt is the enemy. Any dirt in the system will contribute to a short lived transmission and a repeat failure.


Next to cleanliness is having the correct tools for the job. We use the same tools as the dealerships use. These are factory tool kits designed to work on a particular transmission. We don't fix transmissions by the seat of our pants. At Sundown Transmissions, we use the correct tools, follow factory overhaul procedures, and assemble transmissions to factory specifications using factory service manuals.

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Shop Web Site Photos 09 024.jpg

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